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Engineering consultancy

Engineering ConsultanciesIt is well known that the beginning of any project in any field , large or small, requires serious consideration .the study at our branch called engineering consultancy for being related with our specialty in the areas of electronic systems, software and technical engineering systems.

Our company is proud to have the spirit of community in the preparation of all these studies ,jurisdiction of the engineers and administrators, consultants and technicians have also, if necessary, use foreign expertise from several international companies.

These studies are based on scientific grounds and requires careful choices , because these projects and acts of long life nature and character of services at the same time. so we advice you to extend a bridge of cooperation with us. with the presence of our expertise stuff and our good relations with supporting ,cooperative and long experience companies to achieve this purpose.
We stone ourselves to follow the maximum available measures to lead any project to safety ,and consider all the project angles until we get to the top of modernity and progress. Our aim is mutual success and raised ideas that would provide solutions in several areas of jurisdiction in a particular and sophisticated process.

In this spirit we invite you to adapt us in your coming projects in the following areas: --

(Fire alarm systems and fire fighting/Communications systems /Automated control systems, software and electronic./
Warning systems against theft and protecting places and devices. /Surveillance cameras systems. /Control entry and exit Systems /Elevators,Escalator and floors animation systems, stairs, and moving floors. /Video broadcasting systems /Lighting systems and electronic advertising and electronic advertising. /analysis and disclosure Systems and their requirements.
/Sound systems /Decor and its complementary business. /Electronic equipment maintenance and periodic maintenance.).... etc.

this done, to study the nature of the project and its requirements and to study all related aspects .and to give the minute scientific and economic recommendations to make this project under the desirability eyes of others.