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Video broadcasting systems

video broadcastingBeta Company for Technology Engineering has expertise in the preparation of visual broadcasting systems and the necessary equipment and other means to direct broadcasting and others directly to ground stations and space From this standpoint, we call on all broadcasters in Jamahiriya terrestrial and satellite television and radio to contract with beta to provide all their needs.
the beta company Noted recently the painful form to distort buildings from the large space reception dishes and modification made in its general shape aboard their roofs, which get another form of the meaning of buildings.
This context, we give good news to all our customers in the public and other sectors that we reached for radical solutions to reform the stock of these buildings by reducing the extent required number of those dishes, we actually deserved to resolve that dilemma, for example, a residential building is home to 20 dishes we will reduce the number to less than 3 dishes only and reaches each department in the building more than eight satellites at the same time without the need to change the location of the dish.

The beta company of technical engineering has the ability to extend , design and supply visual and telecommunications networks broadcasting and the related equipments in several sectors, public and private buildings after long deal of work in this area and have worked in several sectors, including: --