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Surveillance cameras systems

surveillance camerasBeta Company for Technology Engineering is one of the specialists in the supply, design, installation and maintenance of systems surveillance cameras of various kinds. and for the importance of this technique it has evolved significantly in the last decade, in terms of shapes and sizes and durability in all weather conditions and in control throughout the night hours, and the night and day, these regulatory systems considered one of the protection systems to the premises and public or private property.

These systems are available as desired by several techniques, According to the person or organization that wants to use such technical system. for example, there are technical system for the transfer the visions taken by cameras to display division by the receiver or offer vision and record what the cameras see, recording by multiple options ,such as a division of video clips on the display. and also registration done on desire , or registration at certain times as programmed and also the registration when movement occurs. when installation of devices movement.
One of the advantages of some systems, by giving warning in the event of a person's movement and tracking and recording his movements till hide from the camera field of view. and also our company links the control systems to the World Wide Web.

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