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Decor and business is complementary

Decor and Business Beta Company for Technology Engineering work decor in the design and installation of all systems related to its terms of reference, in terms of Bishop outstanding , colors , shapes and engineering supplementary systems for propaganda regarding Electrical ,electronically Lighting or warning systems, fire fighting systems or communications systems, audio and other systems.

This often happens when a new building or building maintenance and modification in another building for the installation of such systems that must be available in those buildings for safety of the residents and visitors.

 Beta Company has its crew on this business formed  of engineers ,decor specialists and technicians work in the design and constructive engineering for mapping and on-site supervision of the implementation and elaboration of linking and integrating these systems to be staying on the decor and vice versa to be in the context of the one  structure and one pattern in order to create a modern and beautiful stock shows on the art and technical evidence for these systems.

We provide these services with the best possible advantage first to our customers and second to our company.