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Beta Company for engineering technology based in Benghazi - Libya .

The departure of our success came from administrative work and organizational quality,our experience through the development of the capabilities of our administrative,technical and engineering,through our relationship with the good number of international companies and our deal with them came through visits,correspondence and transactions and training courses of technology reached by the modern world and now they choose us as distributors and agents accredited them in Libya and Provide us with consultations,devices ,electronic systems and high efficiency equipments & instruments and high quality solutions for modern and contemporary,we will be to update the technical findings of science all the time on the world stage.

In the evolution and development happening in some Arab countries and world and watching and experiencing the most competitive race in the engineering and technical development in various areas of the infrastructure of these countries also Libya departured to enter into this World race by vertue of the efforts of the officials for rehabilitation and reconstruction of the infrastructure of our country.

From this fact we move the stagnant water and put ideas to offer the best solutions and services in several areas of life,access and competition in order to show our advisory and service in various fields of engineering,technical,environmental and enter the Libyan market in the first step-by-step,our ambition access to a leading place in the map Jamahiriya and the regional and global map.


We are now working with developed methods coexist the modern world and look to implement our works with high fancy to harmonize work and requirements of all aspects of engineering,technical,environmental arriving to the degree of perfection.

we commeted ourselves prepare studies that been build on the foundations of accurate scientific and careful choices and over view engineering aspect and a maximum of measures available to reach any project to safety land.

Our company welcomes the Coalition or contracting with international companies that competent,to upgrade and development for the better And to discover and gain systems able to cope with modern scientific and global variables and to support the renewal of ideas and visions.

Final word to our customers and visitors to our website service that we offer (networking),a bridge between our company and employers that has been implemented as part of our administrations engineering techniques for artistic change and what will happen in future,to the relief of our customers and always communicate with them through the process of extradition our technology to them and assist them in the post After the termination of work,and strengthening them and ensuring the credibility and success of our objects.

Look forward make us happy and our aim is your satisfaction,all the members of our administrative,technical and engineering at your service to meet your needs and queries with sincere respect and appreciation for the distinguished visitors and customers.